God takes cocaine addicts and makes them worship leaders

At least this is my story… I was a crazy and depressed kid from the Bay Area, California who spent all of my time and energy staying ‘numb’. I lived my life running from one high to the next and did anything I could to ‘not feel’ the pain, disappointment, self-hatred, and rejection that plagued my heart. I counted myself out a long time ago, and it took everything in me not to end my life. 


It was at my lowest point that everything changed.


My story with the Lord began with an experience with His love that saved me from my drug and alcohol addiction immediately. Best of all, I was freed from my shame and guilt as the Lord gave me worth, value, and a purpose for my life.


I would have never dreamed or imagined that I would someday become a singer/song-writer, worship leader, a wife, and mom. But God is in the business of bringing beauty from the ashes of broken lives.


My music is birthed out of a place of raw and unashamed honesty. I write songs to create a safe place to open up, feel, and release emotion. My music legitimizes the struggles of life, while bringing hope at the same time. My music will provide you with an enjoyable listening experience that also builds your faith, brings peace and healing, and encounters with the love of God.


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