Christina Reynolds is an international singer/songwriter and worship leader. She is also the millennial voice and resident music artist on the #1 international Christian Women’s talk show, “The Sessions w/ Cynthia Garrett”. Christina is featured on the top 10 worship albums of 2016 and has two albums of original music. She is also featured on numerous other albums.

Christina and her husband C.J. are the founders of a live worship and teaching resource called Sanctuary. This platform exists to empower and equip people to live in the victory of peace and joy that God promises.

Christina is also the creator of Candid Conversations, a video series that facilitates open and honest conversations about topics such as: sex, pornography, dating, marriage, depression, loss, anxiety, body image, eating disorders, self love…etc. She is also the creator of the vlog series Real Life with the Reynolds which gives a look into her multicultural family life. 

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